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Enterprise Surveys

Enterprise Surveys have been completed for 720 firms in Zambia, 360 firms in Moldova, 360 firms in Serbia, and 293 firms in Bulgaria. The Enterprise Surveys team is also proud to introduce Country Highlights. These short one page documents summarize the key findings from each survey. These descriptive findings provide a quick glance at a subset of performance and business environment indicators.

All raw survey data sets are available in the data portal. The status of several surveys has been updated in the current projects page.

Topic Analysis

Enterprise Surveys Topic Analysis

The Enterprise Surveys team is launching a series of Topic Analysis Notes on What Businesses Experience in the Latin America and Caribbean Region. The series builds on the 2010 project that implemented the Enterprise Survey in 31 countries in the region, 15 of which had previously been surveyed in 2006. These notes provide comprehensive analysis of several important aspects of the business environment and how these conditions associate with business outcomes in the region.

Download Topic Analysis Notes on: Methodology, Mapping Enterprises, Measuring Firm Performance, Innovation in Manufacturing and Obtaining Finance
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En español: En América Latina y el Caribe el mercado manda

Current survey Projects

We are currently gathering data in 65 countries around the world.
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Graphing Tool

Enterprise Surveys Graphing Tool

Create custom graphics for the country of your choice.
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Global Indicators and Analysis

Global Indicators

Enterprise Surveys is part of Global Indicators Group.

Enterprise Surveys Partners

The Enterprise Surveys implemented in Eastern Europe and Central Asian countries are also known as Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Surveys (BEEPS) and are jointly conducted by the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Enterprise Surveys in Latin America are jointly funded with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and surveys in the Caribbean are jointly funded with IDB and COMPETE Caribbean. Enterprise Surveys in South Asia and upcoming African countries are jointly funded with the UK's Department for International Development (DFID).