Current Projects

The Enterprise Analysis Unit of the World Bank is currently gathering data 5 countries around the world. The table indicates the countries in which current survey endeavors are taking place. For each country, the type of survey, project phase, and estimated date of data delivery are provided. Types of surveys include the standard Enterprise Survey along with Micro, and Informal surveys. Project phases include the initial process of Procurement, the subsequent process of Fieldwork, and the final process of Data Standardization. See definitions below.


Economy Survey Type* Phase* Estimated Data Delivery


East Asia & Pacific

Economy Survey Type* Phase* Estimated Data Delivery


Europe & Central Asia

Economy Survey Type* Phase* Estimated Data Delivery


Latin America & Caribbean

Economy Survey Type* Phase* Estimated Data Delivery
Argentina Enterprise  Fieldwork  Winter 2017/2018
Colombia Enterprise  Fieldwork  Winter 2017/2018
Guatemala Enterprise  Fieldwork  Summer 2018
Peru Enterprise  Fieldwork  Winter 2017/2018
Uruguay Enterprise  Fieldwork  Winter 2017/2018


Middle East & North Africa

Economy Survey Type* Phase* Estimated Data Delivery


OECD High Income

Economy Survey Type* Phase* Estimated Data Delivery


South Asia

Economy Survey Type* Phase* Estimated Data Delivery





Enterprise Survey
An Enterprise Survey is a survey of firms that is meant to be representative of a country's non-agricultural economy. The sectors of business activity, using ISIC revision 3.1, include manufacturing (group D), construction (group F), services (groups G and H), transport, storage, and communications (group I), and IT which is subgroup 72 of group K. Firms with less than five employees are not surveyed. Interviews are conducted using the Manufacturing Module and the Services Module.


Innovation Module
This module is implemented as a follow-up to the Enterprise Survey; it gathers information on four types of innovation: product, process, management and organization, and marketing. In partnership with DFID, the Enterprise Analysis Unit is administering this module for research purposes: 1) to validate questions which measure firm-level innovation in developing economies and 2) to measure the nature and determinants of innovation.


Micro Survey
A Micro Survey uses the Enterprise Survey and targets manufacturing and services firms with less than five employees (microenterprises).


Informal Survey
An Informal Survey uses a survey instrument designed for informal firms, i.e., unregistered businesses. For a given country, the business activity of interest varies according to the goals of policy makers.


Procurement refers to the initial project phase where through the World Bank procurement system, private contractors can competitively bid to be awarded the contract. Typically market research firms are awarded the contract to conduct Fieldwork for the project.


Fieldwork refers to the project phase where face-to-face interviews are being conducted in the field. Business managers are interviewed and survey data is entered into databases. During fieldwork, batches of data are sent to the Enterprise Analysis team as part of the quality control process. After completion of fieldwork, the data will be delivered to the Enterprise Analysis team for Data Standardization.


Data Standardization
Data Standardization refers to the final project phase where the Enterprise Analysis team is imposing the final quality control checks on the data and also standardizing the data so that cross country comparisons can be easily performed.