Current Projects

The Enterprise Analysis Unit of the World Bank Group is currently conducting surveys in 33 economies listed in the table below. The table provides information on the type of survey, project phase, and estimated date of data delivery for each economy.

Types of surveys include:

  • Enterprise Survey: a standard establishment-level survey that is representative of the non-agricultural, non-extractive private sector, covering registered establishments with 5 or more employees. The Methodology page contains technical details, including sectoral coverage.

  • Micro Survey: a survey of Micro Enterprises – registered establishments with less than five employees.

  • Informal Survey: a survey of unregistered businesses. All business activities are covered, including any production or service activity that is sold, traded or bartered with another party.

Project phases include:

  • Preparations: the initial project phase for laying groundwork for fieldwork.

  • Fieldwork: the project phase where face-to-face interviews with business owners or top managers are being conducted.



EconomySurvey TypePhaseEstimated Data Delivery
RwandaEnterprise Survey FieldworkSpring 2020
SeychellesInformal SurveyPreparationsSpring 2020
SomaliaEnterprise, Micro, and Informal Surveys FieldworkSpring 2020
South AfricaEnterprise Survey FieldworkSummer 2020
ZambiaEnterprise, Micro, and Informal Surveys FieldworkSpring 2020


East Asia & Pacific

EconomySurvey TypePhaseEstimated Data Delivery
MyanmarEnterprise, Micro, and Informal SurveysProcurementSummer 2020


Europe & Central Asia

EconomySurvey TypePhaseEstimated Data Delivery
ArmeniaEnterprise and Micro Surveys Fieldwork Spring 2020
AustriaEnterprise Survey Preparations Winter 2020/2021
AzerbaijanEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Spring 2020
BelgiumEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Summer 2020
BulgariaEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Winter 2019/2020
Czech RepublicEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Spring 2020
DenmarkEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Summer 2020
FinlandEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Summer 2020
France                    Enterprise Survey Preparations Winter 2020/2021
GermanyEnterprise Survey Preparations Winter 2020/2021
HungaryEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Spring 2020
IrelandEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Summer 2020
LithuaniaEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Winter 2019/2020
LuxembourgEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Summer 2020
NetherlandsEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Summer 2020
PolandEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Spring 2020
PortugalEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Winter 2019/2020
RomaniaEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Spring 2020
Slovak RepublicEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Spring 2020
SloveniaEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Spring 2020
SpainEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Summer 2020
SwedenEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Summer 2020
UkraineEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Spring 2020


Latin America & Caribbean

EconomySurvey TypePhaseEstimated Data Delivery


Middle East & North Africa

EconomySurvey TypePhaseEstimated Data Delivery
Egypt, Arab Rep.Enterprise Survey Fieldwork Summer 2020
LebanonEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Winter 2019/2020
MoroccoEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Winter 2019/2020
TunisiaEnterprise Survey Fieldwork Spring 2020

South Asia

EconomySurvey TypePhaseEstimated Data Delivery