Enterprise Surveys Data

Enterprise Surveys offers an expansive array of economic data on 135,000 firms in 139 countries. The data is presented in a variety of ways useful to researchers, policy makers, journalists, and others. Note that data users should exercise caution when comparing raw data and point estimates between surveys that did and did not adhere to the Enterprise Surveys Global Methodology.

  • The raw, firm-level Enterprise Survey data is searchable and downloadable (for free) and the data are disseminated in Stata format. The Enterprise Survey is administered to business owners and top managers of private sector establishments.

    Raw Data - for researchers

    Download the raw, firm-level data (for free) along with the questionnaires and accompanying survey documentation. For many countries, longitudinal/panel data are available.

  • Enterprise Surveys Projects

    Data Catalog

    Browse the Enterprise Surveys Data Catalog. Use keywords to search survey project descriptions, interview questions, and variable names and labels to find the data you are looking for.

  • Enterprise Surveys

    Sample Description

    View statistics on the number of firms surveyed by company size, ownership characteristic and line of business.
    Download sample description (Excel, 379KB).

Current Projects

The Enterprise Analysis Unit is currently gathering data in 53 countries. Get the details...

Global Coverage

View which countries have Enterprise Survey data.
Global coverage

Survey Types

In addition to Enterprise Surveys which have been conducted across the world, other types of surveys available for download include Informal Surveys and Microenterprise Surveys.

Data Citation

Please cite our data as follows:
Enterprise Surveys (http://www.enterprisesurveys.org), The World Bank.