Enterprise Surveys Data

World Bank Enterprise Surveys offer an expansive array of economic data on 207,000 firms in 158 economies. The data is presented in a variety of ways useful to researchers, policy makers, journalists, and others. Note that data users should exercise caution when comparing raw data and point estimates between surveys that did and did not adhere to the Enterprise Surveys Global Methodology.

Business environment and performance indicators are created by computing weighted averages of businesses’ responses to questions in the Enterprise Survey using sampling weights. Indicators are displayed at the economy level but can be viewed by firm subgroups as well.

Compare Economies and Topics

Firm-level survey data has been aggregated to economy-level indicators. Options include viewing data by firm subgroups and obtaining standard error and number of observations statistics.

Graphing Tool

Create custom graphics for the economy of your choice.

Data Catalog

Browse the Enterprise Surveys Data Catalog. Use keywords to search survey project descriptions, interview questions, and variable names and labels to find the data you are looking for.