Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the high volume of queries we receive, we can only answer questions directly related to the Enterprise Surveys website and online portal. Please include the name of your organization and the country in which you reside.

These are the most frequently asked questions (click to see answers):


How many countries and firms have been surveyed?

Currently, over 173,000 firms in 150 countries have been surveyed following the Enterprise Surveys Global Methodology. For details about the countries surveyed, sample characteristics, and year of data collection, see the Sample Description document. In addition, older surveys which were not conducted using a standard methodology are hosted on the Enterprise Surveys website. Emerging economies are the primary focus and a few developed economies have been surveyed for comparative purposes. Survey data from 2006 onwards is available in the Enterprise Surveys Data Portal. Data from older surveys (with the exception of BEEPS data) may be available from the Archive which is located inside the Data Portal.


What years of data are available for different countries?

The list of countries surveyed (and the years of data collection) can be found in this Excel document.


How can I access the questionnaires used for specific country surveys? Can I access the raw data?

Registered users can download the data and corresponding survey questionnaire for each country in the Enterprise Surveys Data Portal. Both registration and downloading data are free.