Country Reports

Country Highlights

Country Highlights summarize the key findings from the Enterprise Survey. These descriptive findings provide a quick glance at a subset of performance and business environment indicators. The accompanying figures include comparisons such as: changes over time, indicator differences with the country’s geographic region and to other countries with similar income levels, and differences between a country’s subnational locations.

Country Profiles

Country Profiles provide key investment climate indicators for a country with benchmarks against their respective regional and income groups. The set of covered topics includes perceived obstacles, the average firm, corruption, taxes and regulations, access to finance, infrastructure, workforce, crime, informality, innovation, and trade. These 15-18 page documents contain mostly figures and tables for easy visual display.

MENA region business climate

What’s holding back the private sector in MENA?

This report presents the findings of Enterprise Surveys conducted in eight economies in the region in 2013 and 2014: Djibouti, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, the West Bank and Gaza, and Yemen. By analyzing detailed information on more than 6,000 private firms in the manufacturing and services sectors, the report provides fine-grained insights into the key drivers of firms’ performance and the major challenges of the business environment in which they operate.

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Sweden business climate

Sweden's Business Climate: A Microeconomic Assessment Report

This report is a comprehensive analysis of firm-level data from the 2014 Enterprise Survey in Sweden. The in-depth report on the country’s business environment investigates topics on gender, labor, skills, taxes, innovation, as well as access to finance, relating each to firm performance. The sample of the survey is representative by firm size, region, and sector of activity.

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